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Rube Zilla and Timbuk2's collaboration was successful due to several factors. First, both had established, dedicated fan bases who were excited about the partnership. The collaboration was also well-promoted through social media, word-of-mouth, and traditional advertising, which helped generate buzz and interest.


Additionally, the world wide collaboration featured 100 unique, limited edition backpacks that were designed by Rube Zilla and produced by Timbuk2. The backpacks were highly sought after by fans of both brands, and the limited quantity helped create a sense of urgency and scarcity.


Finally, the backpacks were well-made and functional, which is a key aspect of Timbuk2's brand. This helped ensure that the backpacks would sell out, as customers were not only buying a piece of Rube Zilla's art, but also a practical, high-quality backpack.


Overall, the successful collaboration between Rube Zilla and Timbuk2 was due to a combination of factors, including a dedicated fan base, effective promotion, limited edition products, and high-quality design.




Untitled_Artwork 64.png

My work with High Times led to the creation of the first High Times Cannabis Cup Coloring Book, which allowed a tour in 2019 and deepened connections in the cannabis industry.


High Times recognized the impact of street artistry and my ability to connect with the culture and community of cannabis consumers. As a result, they approached me to create a unique product that would tap into the growing popularity of adult coloring books. My Cannabis Cup Coloring Book was a hit, as it offered fans a new and engaging way to connect with the brand and their love of cannabis.


The success of the Coloring Book led to a tour in 2019, where I was able to connect with fans and industry professionals across the country. This tour allowed me to showcase my artistry, connect with new and existing fans, and deepen your connections in the cannabis industry.


By creating the first High Times Cannabis Cup Coloring Book, I established yourself as a leading artist in the cannabis industry, and set the stage for future collaborations and projects. My work with High Times allowed me to build a strong reputation, make meaningful connections, and expand my reach in the industry.




On the heels of Denver Fashion week 2019, I was asked to create the RedBull IceCross 2020 uniforms for racers competing in Japan, Russia, and Canada. These were not for commercial release. This collaboration set the tone for the rest of 2020’s success despite the pandemic

Screenshot 2023-02-21 at 9.22.44 AM.png

Red Bull


An experience tailored to captivate the open mind, while providing an honest lens to the city's cultural values including trusted establishments and brands. In 2021 RubeZilla was able to marry the city of Denver’s street art and cannabis scenes for a one-of-a-kind street art mural tour and mobile marketing experience.

The Bus was purchased and moved East.

Zilla Charter


Bored Ape Yacht Club is the most impactful and highest-selling NFT project in history. Founded by video game producer, Yuga Labs in 2021, their net value has already exceeded $4 Billion. Rube was invited to procure this project’s culture by activating over 100 murals throughout the country in major cities. Allowing financial opportunities for more street artists with an introduction to commercializing themselves. The network I amassed by involving myself in the crypto communities has allowed me access to funding, developers, and commercial affiliates. 

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Bored Ape Yacht Club/



Ripple XRP



After applying for the creator grant fund of $250M, I was activated in support of Balmain Paris, and we were able to deploy the first phase of RUBE VR.  RUBE VR is the Application of open-world art galleries, alongside the ability to create original works of art. During the activation guests and even Ripplers off-site were able to experience artwork being created via the Live Stream headset QR code. 

Guests were able to experience a Rube branded paint application while it was projected on the display during the events.  We featured multiple artists and teased multiple galleries and experiences.  Via tablet, Guests also had the opportunity to immerse themselves into  a digital gallery. 

The social collaborations between RubeZilla and Eureka brought about successful brand awareness for both entities in the cannabis culture.


Rube, As a diverse artist and cultural figure, and Eureka, as a trusted nationwide brand, they attracted a large and diverse audience through their collective and individual marketing efforts. 


This, in turn, allowed them to use their relationship as a tool to promote their brand and generate positive exposure in the local community.


The success of their collaborations have also helped to establish their brands as leaders in the cannabis culture and further solidified their reputations on a personal level with consumers.



Untitled design-11.png

During the Super Bowl weekend in Arizona, I was activated to present and demonstrate ‘Rube VR’  I created 4 versions of a scavenger hunt experience tailored to the brand’s aesthetic, products, and marketing.  Built a custom incentivize marketing program to track and archive participant data for company retention. Created a social moment of site specific exclusivity

Warmly established cultural connectivity in a new market for my client 

Super Bowl 57


Dialed In Gummies… and RubeZilla have held a long-standing affiliation that has resulted in numerous collaborations, marketing innovations, and community outreach. As one of the many collaborative partners in its industry, the DIG x Rube collaboration created its own iconic subculture with collectible artwork on and off the product. Rube now retains the position of Artist in Residence. 


2021 -2023

Rube assumed the role of Creative Director at Spark Dispensary, overseeing a comprehensive rebranding and the transformation of the dispensary's shopping experience. With his expertise, Rube successfully facilitated sponsorships worth over $100,000 from various companies, fostering the creation of stunning artwork and installations. Notably, Rube also curated a team of over 20 internationally acclaimed artists, including luminaries like NYCHOS, KIMCHI JUICE, HIERO VEGA, and BIRDCAP. This collaboration established Spark Dispensary as a pioneer in immersive retail, setting an industry precedent. Unfortunately, before the final vision could be fully realized, Spark Dispensary was acquired by GOLDEN MEDS.

Spark Dispensary


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